Best If Used By

Working with the curatorial team at Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, the exhibition photography was led by Scott Cartwright, while the layout of the BEST IF USED BY limited edition exhibition catalog was designed and art directed by Jenny Lynn Weitz (who works for the institution as Marketing Director). The covers were individually screen-printed with balsamic vinegar and barbecue sauce by artist Madison Creech

In addition to featuring images of works by six international artists, the catalog features a foreword by Curator, Kathryn Hall, and an essay by exhibition organizer and Curatorial Fellow, Sarah Darro

BEST IF USED BY investigates the dynamic intersection of craft and food in contemporary culture. Featured artists include Celia Butler, Kazuki Guzmán, Joshua Kosker, Aurélie Mathigot, Yuka Otani, and Rachel Shimpock, the show aims to probe the very definitions of craft by staging critical comparisons among works that are moving at varying rates of consumption and deterioration. The works range in material from wool, ceramic, and electroformed metal to cast sugar, cured tangelo peels, and needle-worked bananas. 

All photos by Scott Cartwright.

Managing Editor & Art Director