Founded in 2007, Studio WAC is a creative partnership between Scott Cartwright and Jenny Lynn Weitz Amaré-Cartwright, through which they incorporate their protean skill-sets into projects ranging from photography and graphic design, to critical writing and industrial fabrication.

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2006: Scott is a native Texan, and Jenny Lynn was born and raised in Venezuela. They met in Boston while attending The School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University, and have been married for over a decade.

2007 - 2010: Rebuilding San Francisco in the Form of a Cone (2007), Furniture Sale on North Freeway (2010), and Obus Lofts (2011) are some of their earlier projects and through which they established their collaborative practice. Their shared interest in design and architecture opened the doors to opportunities within the local arts community. 

2012: On behalf of the Rice Design Alliance, Studio WAC conducted a series of interviews with Jurgen Bey, Greg Lynn, and Alfredo Brillemburg, engaging readers in an insightful design discourse published online via OffCite.

2013: Studio WAC curated an engaging three-day design workshop at Lawndale Art Center, in which over 400 people of all backgrounds and ages learned about model-making and 3D printing technologies through hands-on participation and short lectures. 

2014: #miniwac arrived.

2015: Hard times!

2016: The duo reorganized its practice to focus on photography and graphic design projects. 

2017: After a profound period of introspection, Studio WAC launched Tempor and committed to exploring the independent magazine world, inking their words and images into paper, and translating them into Spanish.

2018: With two issues of Tempor out, and the third publication in the works, Scott and Jenny Lynn relocated to Central Florida.

2019: Scott continues to share his passion for photography and design at the college level―he teaches courses in Digital Imaging and History of Graphic Design at Valencia College. Jenny Lynn, on the other hand, leads a team of designers at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

2020: If you are interested in collaborating or bringing creative ideas to life―from logo concepts to event photography, and photo retouching, please send a brief message to